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Elation® paper products come in two different types of environmentally friendly paper stocks that are manufactured from an ISO14001 accredited manufacturer.

Our standard Elation® range are envelopes that have been manufactured from farmed eucalyptus trees.
The bleaching method used on Elation® paper products is the Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) bleaching method. This type of bleaching on the wood pulp avoids the use of toxic chlorine gas by substituting chlorine dioxide as the main bleaching agent.  Elation® envelopes are 80gsm and have been successfully tested by Australia's leading mail houses and automatic insertion equipment.

Our newest edition to the Elation® range is Elation® Earth which are envelopes manufactured from 100% recycled post consumer waste comprised mainly from recycled cardboard boxes, newspaper and other types of waste paper. As a result the paper stock is much heavier and stronger with the weight of the Elation® Earth paper at 110gsm and a light brown colour which is completely unbleached.

Elation® envelopes are an ideal environmentally friendly option that are available in standard sizes as well as special makes.

Elation Earth

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